The industries that I've worked-in from the home page count as 7 years of consultancy work between:

  • BCC Iccrea
  • Allianz
  • EuropAssistance
  • Randstad
  • Lottomatica/Better

so I'm not gonna elaborate further on those given the confidentiality of the work.

Following below are the freelance work that I've done and products I'm building.

Product: collAnon
Timeline: 2020 - ongoing

collAnon app

The webapp for your private discussions, confrontations and events tracking in one place.

It's a free and private service running on donations and my own effort and I'm proud to provide it without using any third party service.

It's self-hosted, running on Ubuntu with the .NET 7 runtime & Blazor, MongoDb, Nginx as reverse proxy, and self-hosted Umami analytics.

Website: Casa Cosy - Holiday Apartments
Timeline: 2016 - occasional maintenance

casa cosy

This website was my first freelance remaking of the website which was like this.

It's based on PHP, HTML and CSS, and made for desktop and mobile devices.

Nowadays I do occasional maintenance.

From 2023 and forward I'm looking to go back and do freelance/consultancy work on my own.
So if you like what you see